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25th Anniversary of the International Campus Vienna

The International Campus Vienna is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. On this occasion, many state officials, renowned scientists, and spiritual leaders have sent their personal congratulations to the campus. The Austrian Federal Minister for Education and Science noted in his address:
I warmly congratulate the significant milestone of the 25th anniversary and wish the further development of the International Campus Vienna for the future continued perseverance, joy and good cooperation with other educational partners!
Workshop by Arina and Dina Mironskaja
By invitation of the International School in Vienna, in connection with the celebration of its 25th anniversary, Arina and Dina Mironskaja conducted a workshop for the campus students.
The workshop program included a demonstration of rhythmic gymnastics elements. The athletes began with a warm-up and showed several training exercises. Then, together with the children, they tried various rhythmic gymnastics elements with all the apparatus. Who knows, maybe some of them will one day join a gymnastics club to become like the sisters…
Initially, children aged 6-8 attended the workshop, followed by a second session for the older generation aged 12-14. In total, 150 children were introduced to the basics of rhythmic gymnastics. Arina and Dina also demonstrated competitive routines with different apparatus. Sometimes the children were simply amazed by the gymnasts’ complex elements.
The atmosphere, like last time at the Waldorf School in Salzburg, was warm, and the children were filled with positive emotions, so much they enjoyed and were excited by the new knowledge. The founder and manager of the International School, MBA Marcus Assman, thanked the Mironskaja sisters for conducting the workshop and expressed hope that together we will continue this good tradition in the future.
This social effort to popularize sports, particularly rhythmic gymnastics, among children and the younger generation, plays a significant positive role in broadening their horizons and instilling national pride, as Arina and Dina are members of the national team and represent Austria on the international stage. Instilling spiritual values is one of the school’s main priorities, as it pays special attention to Christian values in its educational program. As Cardinal Dr. Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna, noted in his message to the students and teaching staff of the school:
The Christian denominational school system has developed further in recent decades through the founding of free church schools.
Material prepared by
Stepan Lendyel