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Welcome Dear guests

We invite you to visit our website where we would like to present our activities and projects. Above all, we aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and sports, by advertising them on social networks and on television. For this, we have many different projects for every age group, starting from children to the older generation. We will conduct workshops and open training sessions for you. The most important for us are competitive performances, where we want to showcase the full beauty and aesthetics of rhythmic gymnastics and display all its disciplines – ribbon, clubs, ball, and hoop. 

"It is a great honor for us to compete for the national team in rhythmic gymnastics and to represent it at the international level. Sport always unites, which is why our motto is - ONLY SPORT!"

Our Mission

Only Sport!
Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport. Difficult and incredibly beautiful, it requires great willpower and patience, a lot of luck, and hard work. Rhythmic gymnastics is an art. The art of owning your body and your sporting objects. The art of creating stories that last 1.5 minutes. The art of combining a sports image with a musical piece. The art of the tracksuit. The art of makeup. Rhythmic gymnastics is emotion. Passion. Growth. The joy of a sports body. 
“My mat is my territory of creativity, my palette, my freedom! I take a step! Who’s with me?” 


Arina Mironskaya

“I hope that my sports career will be successful, that rhythmic gymnastics will become popular in Austria. I want to associate my life with rhythmic gymnastics for a long time!”

Dina Mironskaya

“Rhythmic gymnastics is a big part of my life. Thanks to it, I visited many countries, fell in love with ballet and opera, went to museums and concerts. I really enjoy performing and giving positive emotions to the audience!”

Stephan Lendyel

Sport & Marketing Agent

“Dreams come true! 
Believe in yourself – go all in!
Live as if all your stars have already risen.”