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Die Welt braucht Freiheit!

Wieder sieht der Schöpfer die menschenleere Erde.

Nur sorglose Engel bitten alles von vorne zu beginnen.

Was kann man tun – die Freiheit wird wieder Witwe sein.

Die Menschen brauchen Leidenschaft, Tapferkeit und Kampf!

Vielleicht: schöpferische Kraft und Sport?!

Die Welt braucht Freiheit!


Eine neue Version des großartigen Liedes vom Maestro.

Die Premiere des Clips findet am 4. Juni 2024 um 12:37h statt.

Waldorf School Project

On the eve of the International “Sissi Cup Salzburg” Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament, members of the Austrian national team, Arina and Dina Mironskie, visited the Waldorf School and conducted an open lesson there. Over 100 students of various ages participated in the open lesson, where the Mironskie sisters spoke about rhythmic gymnastics, and demonstrated warm-up and training exercises with apparatus (clubs, hoops, balls, ribbons). Arina and Dina taught the children how to handle the apparatus and subsequently organized an exciting relay race between the two teams.

Christa Stirl, the head of the secondary level and incidentally a renowned writer, thanked Arina and Dina for the open lesson, which will remain in the children’s memories for a long time. At the end of their speech, the Mironskie sisters gave autographs and held a photo session. Summing up, the gymnasts’ sports agent, Stepan Lengyel, thanked all the teachers and students of the school for their active participation and invited them to the international Sissy Cup Tournament, which will take place on October 14th and 15th in Salzburg.

It is noteworthy that our new project “Only Sport” was launched in Salzburg, about which we will now inform gymnastics fans on our website and on our YouTube channel – NurSport_Austria.