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Lendyel Bio

Stepan Lendyel

Sport & Marketing Agent

University education: I have engaged in scientific work, was the organizer of major international conferences, participant of the World Congress of Historical Sciences in Madrid and am the author of many scientific articles. I have served as the chief editor of scientific almanacs on international geopolitics and issues of methodologies in scientific research.

Organizer of various international sports competitions in boxing and martial arts (CIS, USA, Argentina, Cuba, Austria, Italy, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Cyprus, Oman, China, India) with participation from world champions like Sultan Ibragimov (WBO), Evander Holyfield, Vitali Klitschko, Vladimir Klitschko, Alexandr Povetkin, Sergey Charitonov, and other well-known athletes.

“Best Manager” of the World Series of Boxing (2012-2013), Executive Director of the “Dynamo Moscow” Sports Club, the finalist in the Olympic season of the World Series of Boxing in London.

Chief manager of the national team of the World Series of Boxing in the Olympic season 2015-16 in Rio de Janeiro.

Author of the TV projects “Night of the Champions” and “King of the Rings”.

Promoter and sales agent for international TV broadcasting rights (CIS, USA, Germany, China, India) for channels such as Pervy (First), Russia TV, REN TV, MATCH TV, Eurosport, RTL, ESPN, HBO, SHOWTIME.

Author and producer of documentaries about athletes (REN TV, RUSSIA-2), and consultant for the feature film by Anna Melikian “Mars” (Venus).

Producer and consultant for short videos for international TV channels (International Agency for Combat Sports).

Marketing agent (Management Marketing Group) for Olympic winners Alina Kabajeva, Alexej Nemov, Svetlana Chorkina in the Olympic year 2004 in Athens, Project WBD.

Official dealer for NIKE (12 sports stores, 20 teams).

PUMA, Best Exclusive Distributor in the Olympic year in London, and other international brands like TOP TEN, HAYASHI.

Official technical partner for World Cups, World and European Championships (boxing, kickboxing, judo), Official technical sponsor for 16 teams.

Official partner and licensee for the UNIVERSIADE in Kazan 2013, and the World Combat Games in Beijing 2010 and St. Petersburg 2013.

Recipient of state awards for contributions to the development of sports, “Best Referee” at World Championships in Atlantic City (USA), Caorle (Italy), Dubrovnik (Croatia).

Author of the international project “Gymnastics with Champions” in collaboration with UNESCO, Audi. Organized many master classes featuring Hollywood stars like Steven Seagal, Dolf Lundgren, Don “Dragon” Wilson.