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Al Bano - A living legend!

Maybe a person won't change the world. But I know that I can change the whole world of a person.

Al Bano is the golden voice of Italy that has been driving fans crazy for decades. The living legend of the 1980s, Albano Carriza, has not lost his charisma and his ability to give the audience a vacation: “Music is the medicine I can give Ljubljana,” he says in his interviews.
The famous Italian tenor with a tuning range of 4.5 octaves is known to fans of both popular and classical music all over the world. Albano performed with Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti and Moserrat Caballe and participated in concerts with the legendary band Rolling Stones. In total, he has released 26 gold and 8 platinum discs during his creative career.
Al Bano has been a UN ambassador of goodwill, a man of peace, since 2001. He was obtained in a personal audience with Mother Teresa and the Pope.
“His specialization is an improvised journey through music. Al Bano sings pop music, blues and classics. Al Bano’s songs flow from the depths of the soul and are therefore educated and enchant all his listeners. He sings in front of the powerful of this world, but above all he likes to play the translation by his fans.”
The great maestro Al Bano, who gave the world his legendary hits Nel sole, Sharazan, Felicita, Si Sara, recorded a new version of his famous Liberta, which became the embodiment of freedom for many. This song became the leitmotif of the revolution in Romania and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The song was also remembered by many in the film about the life of the famous artist Modigliani, who was played so importantly by the great actor Andy Garcia. The film entered the annals of the best biographical films of world cinema together with the song Liberta. It is not for nothing that she occupies a special place in his work with the recognition of the Maestro himself. He wrote her the longest of all other songs for 9 months, she was made for him like the birth of his child… A new version of the video was shot on the coast in Spain, Tenerife, where the breathtaking landscape of the natural element of the Majesty of the mountains and the endless sea… as a reflection of the desire for freedom…
According to Maestro on his personal Instagram, he was inspired by Austrian gymnasts and expressed his admiration and joy at work. The clip will be the best popularizer of gymnastics in the world and Austrian sport.
The material was prepared by Stepan Lendyel