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Dina Mironskaya- Miss New Look 2023 in Tiflis

Salzburg became a talisman for Dina and Arina Mironskaya, where they successfully participated in the 7th International Sissi Cup, and Dina was crowned “Miss Sissi Cup Salzburg”!

However, not only the spectators of the Sissi Cup could admire the Mironskaya sisters, but also the students of the Rudolf Steiner School in Salzburg, who paid them a visit and shared their love and enthusiasm for rhythmic gymnastics during the masterclass with the children.

After Dina’s successful performance with her new routines at the tournament in Amsterdam, she solidified her success in Tiflis by winning 4 gold medals and the title of “Miss New Look 2023”! The President of the Austrian Gymnastics Federation (Turnsport Austria), Professor Friedrich Manseder, thanked Dina Mironskaya for her successful performance at the international tournament (11 countries, 400 participants from 4 continents) in Tiflis.

We are very excited for the upcoming Christmas tournament in Zurich from December 9th to 10th and the season finale at the international New Year tournament in Singapore from December 20th to 22nd, and we wish Dina and Arina the best of luck!